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About Us

who we are

JBJ is a plastic injection moulder and a manufacturer of high precision injection moulds. We work with customers as a commercial mould maker and/or as a custom injection moulder, in relationships that are either one of these or both.

We are a world class manufacturer of high precision injection moulds and a global standard moulder of plastic parts.

As a commercial mould maker, we build moulds specific to customer drawings which are shipped to global customers As a custom injection moulder, we run customer moulds on our injection moulding shop floor to produce components for specific customer applications across a variety of industries We also have various post process capabilities such as assembly lines, ultrasonic welding, foiling, printing, etc. We are a privately held public limited company based in India with a strong reputation in our business across the world.

Our History

  • 1994 : Company Founded

  • 2004 : Specialised machining services in milling and wire erosion for the mould making industry

  • 2005 : Established our mould making facility

  • 2010 : Established our injection moulding facility with two injection moulding machines

  • 2015 : Installed 33rd injection moulding machine Manufactured 1500th injection mould

  • 2016 : Set Up second injection moulding plant (Plant 3) Total capacity 29 machine

  • 2018 : Set Up third injection moulding plant (Plant 4) Total capacity 52 machine